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Jasper the Old English Sheep Dog

Jake - Old English Sheep Dog

Jake - Old English Sheep Dog

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Question: Is this a Welsh Terrier ?

Two mixed breed dogs : Scooby and Kiara

Remo the English Bull Dog

Remo the English Bull Dog

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Jewels - Great Dane Puppy

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Bonny Jean the Mini Bull Terrier

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Zoey the Black Labrador Retriever

Sonny the Jack Russell Terrier

Sonny the Jack Russell Terrier

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Rufus the Jack Russell cross Border Terrier

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Awesomeness - 1

Everything - 1

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Jack Russell Terrier

The Jack Russell Terrier is a type of small terrier that has its origins in fox hunting. The name "Jack Russell" has been used for all of the several types of Russell terrier but is now most commonly used for working terriers similar in form to Parson Russell Terriers. The Parson Russell Terrier itself was known as the Jack Russell Terrier in the United States until 2003. In England the name has been used to refer to the Parson Russell Terrier and to the short-legged type, the Russell Terrier. In Australia and other countries affiliated with the Federation Cynologique Internationale (FCI) a fourth type, the Australian Jack Russell Terrier, is also talked about but the official name is Jack Russell Terrier. These types are not always considered to be separate breeds, definitions are still evolving and the naming of the breeds is still sometimes unclear.

Polly the Jack Russell having a ball

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Comment "if one can return after death i shall return as a jrt"

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All Russells are small terriers; Jack Russell Terriers vary between 25 and 30 cm at the withers and Parson Russell Terriers are between 32-38 cm.

They are predominantly white with black, tan, or tricolour markings, particularly on the face and the base of the tail. They have small V-shaped ears that usually fold sharply forwards, and strong teeth with a scissor bite.

They have a dense double coat that appears in three varieties: smooth coat, where the topcoat is very short (approx. 1cm) and stiff; rough coat, where the topcoat is longer (as much as 10cm long, though usually groomed shorter); and broken, which is used to describe both dogs with topcoats of intermediate length and dogs that have longer coats only on some parts of the body (always on the face, frequently on the head and back, sometimes extending to the shoulders, occasionally everywhere except the legs).

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Sonny the Jack Russell Terrier Sonny the Jack Russell Terrier
Rosie the Jack Russell cross Border Terrier
Rufus the Jack Russell cross Border Terrier

Pictures of your dog wanted

Send a picture of your dog attached to this Email, tell us a little about him or her and we will show it here.

Tails are straight, six to eight inches (150-200 mm) long, held high and upright. Traditionally, tails were docked to around four inches (100 mm), the length of a hand's grip. This was supposedly to aid in pulling the animal out of a hole. In many countries, docking is now illegal, and even in countries where it is not undocked JRTs are becoming more common. The Parson himself did not dock his working terriers.

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The breed has a sturdy and robust appearance and an outgoing character; breed standards emphasize that the Jack Russell must have a 'keen expression'.

Photo of Jack sent in by Jim

Many Thanks

Jack the Jack Russell Puppy

Here's my new mate, Jack, he's just 7wks old and a wee rascal, and  my cat Susie thinks he's great fun to jump over. Got him off a breeder in Donnacadee, outside Bangor, Northern Ireland. As I'm disabled, he's great company and loves too run round the back yard and can't wait to take him for his first walk in the park. Regards Jacks mate, Jim


Jack Russell Terriers are considered an intelligent, high-energy breed. Their compact size, friendly and inquisitive nature, and intelligence make them popular as pets. Built for speed and strength, they will always be ready to play. However, they require consistent training and a good deal of attention and exercise to maintain their temperament and to occupy their minds. Jack Russells who are not trained on a consistent basis, or are not exercised regularly, may occasionally exhibit aggressive or unmanageable behaviour, including excessive barking, escaping from the yard, or digging in unwanted places inside and outside the house. In America, several Jack Russell rescue networks have to work constantly to find temporary and permanent homes for JRTs whose owners could not meet these requirements for keeping JRTs as house pets.

Jack Russell Slide Show

The old terriermen wanted terriers that would bark incessantly at their prey. The dog could then be located underground, and dug out if necessary. As a result, JRTs are most definitely vocal dogs. They lack the nervousness that makes so many small dogs "yappy". JRTs rarely bark without good reason.

Most JRTs easily mingle with children, though they don't tolerate even unintentional abuse. Most are outgoing, and very friendly towards other dogs, but a good number show same-sex aggression issues. JRT's do tend to exhibit a "Napoleon Complex" regarding larger canines that can get them into dangerous situations. Their fearlessness can scare off a larger animal, but their apparent unawareness of their small size can lead to a lopsided fight if not kept in check.


A well-cared-for Jack Russell can live for over 15 years. One main health concern is cataracts. They are often seen in dogs bred by "backyard breeders" who have not CERF or BAER tested the breeding stock they use.

Photo of Jax the JRT sent in by Amy

Many Thanks

Jax the Jack Russel Terrier helping in the garden

This is Jax helping with gardening then taking a well earned rest with his favourite toy "Willy Wonker!"

Jax the Jack Russel Terrier resting


Russell terriers were first bred by the Reverend Mr. John Russell, a parson and hunting enthusiast born in 1795. In his last year of university at Oxford he bought a small white and tan terrier bitch called Trump from the milk man. Trump was purchased based upon appearance alone. (Burns, 2005) She was the basis for a breeding programme to develop a terrier with high stamina for the hunt as well as the courage and formation to chase out foxes that had gone to ground, but without the aggressiveness that would result in their harming the fox, which was considered unsporting. The line of terriers developed by John Russell was well respected for these qualities and, when he died in 1883, his dogs were taken on by other hunt enthusiasts. It was unlikely, however, that many of his dogs were descended of Trump as Russell was forced to sell all of his dogs on more than one occasion because of financial difficulty. (Burns, 2005)


The first split between the types of Russell terriers may have occurred early in their history with dogs being sold by the sister of John Russell's kennel man. These she described as "Jack Russells" but they may not have been part of the line of terriers developed by John Russell. Instead they may have been shorter-legged working terriers of variable heritage. Later, around the turn of the century, the secretary of the Parson Jack Russell Terrier Club bred a strain of terriers for badger digging. These needed the brave character and endurance of the Jack Russell Terrier, which were crossed with Bull Terriers to give a stronger and harder dog with shorter legs than the original type. Again these were described as "Jack Russells".

Photo of Dave the JRT sent in by Sam - Thanks

Jack Russell Terrier Dog

hi my name is Sam and this is a picture of my jrt called dave (after dave grohl-foo fighters!!) he is 7 months on and had just enjoyed his first Christmas dinner.

Breed development

Along with these changes the Second World War had a great impact on the breed. Sporting dogs were needed less and the numbers of working Russell terriers were drastically reduced during these years. The original working Russells often became family dogs and were crossed with other popular family dogs including Corgis, Chihuahuas and terriers such as the Fox Terrier and the Staffordshire Bull Terrier. These crosses resulted in changes in form and function and led to a new type of short-legged terrier with a variable conformation. It is this form of the descendants of Trump that are now known as "Russell Terriers", "shortie Jacks", or "Puddin' Dogs".

The original longer-legged forms were also preserved and, in England, were called "Parson Jack Russell Terriers". This form was recognised by the Kennel Club (UK) in 1990 and gained provisional recognition by the international breeds association, the F.C.I, in the same year. The name of the breed was changed to "Parson Russell Terrier" in 1999 by the Kennel Club (UK) and gained full recognition by the F.C.I under this name in 2001.

The Complete Jack Russell By James McKay


The Complete Jack Russell By James McKay from

"The history of the breed is traced, and it covers care, feeding, showing, first aid, medical treatment, housing and training, breeding and the law."

In the United States a group of enthusiasts opposed to the registration and regulation of the working breed registered "Parson Jack Russell" as a trademark. This led to the long-legged breed being recognised by the American Kennel Club under the name "Jack Russell Terrier". This name was changed to the "Parson Russell Terrier" in 2003 to conform with the nomenclature in other countries. Breeders of the unregistered, working strain continued to use the Jack Russell name for their dogs. Currently there are few differences between the two types, although working Jack Russell Terriers are sometimes smaller than Parson Russell Terriers. Working terrier men tend to select breeding pairs based upon size and temperament. As even the largest quarry worked with Jack Russells reach a maximum chest diameter of about 14 inches, this is generally the largest chest that working terrier men will tolerate. (Burns, 2005) It is likely that the differing approaches to breeding and the restricted gene pool of the registered type will result in divergence between the types, possibly leading to two very different breeds as has happened to other working breeds following kennel club recognition.

In England, the Kennel Club recently re-opened its registry to allow the inclusion of some Jack Russell Terriers under the Parson Russell name. The standard was extended to include slightly smaller dogs to about 10 inches (25 cm) high but still with the longer-legged form. Individuals registered with the Jack Russell Terrier Club of Great Britain or the British Jack Russell Terrier Club and with registered parents and grandparents were accepted for registration. This may have a delaying effect on any divergence of the two types, but many breeders remain opposed to registration and are likely to continue to breed outside the Parson Russell standard and to continue to use the "Jack Russell Terrier" name.

Photo of Buddy from Kristy - Thanks

Jack Russell Terrier Dog
This is my Jack Russell named Buddy. Hes 5 years old and loves to sleep on his special pillow. He loves squeaky toys and tennis balls. He is my little furry friend and I would recommend this breed to anyone who loves small dogs. Hes quite a character and everyone who meets him, loves him.

Breed controversies

The working strains of Jack Russell Terriers are not recognised by the FCI, or by any major registry. Some breeders have campaigned for recognition either as part of the Parson Russell Terrier breed or separately. However, other breeders, such as the Jack Russell Terrier Club of America, feel that this working breed should not be restricted by the standardisation and limits to breeding that this would involve. Most large registries recognise and register only breeds that they regard as "purebred", that is, dogs who breed true to form, within a set standard, and whose parentage is known to be of other examples of the breed meeting these criteria. For working-terrier enthusiasts this may not always be acceptable. They want to breed for function rather than form, which might include using dogs of variable ancestry to improve the working abilities of the offspring.

In 1990 Jack Russell Terriers were given full recognition by the Australian National Kennel Council. The FCI followed with recognition in 2001. This breed is sometimes called the "Australian Jack Russell Terrier" to distinguish it from the other forms of Jack Russell terriers found in other countries. Its form is very similar to the Parson Jack Russell and to working Jack Russell Terriers, although its standard form is for the body to be longer than it is tall. This gives it a form somewhere in between that of "shortie" Jacks and the taller formation of other Jack Russell Terriers and of Parson Russell Terriers.

Because of the recent nature of these changes there is still considerable variation in the names used for the different types of dog. Additionally, controversy over registration, conformity to set standards and breeding restrictions may still lead to other variations in the naming and classification of these dogs.

Photo of Molly sent in by Charlie - Thanks

Jack Russell Terrier Dog
This is my JRT called Molly. Molly was born on 14th August 2006. As well as being the best house dog ever, she changes into a different dog once out in the countryside actively chasing down rabbits, squirrels, pheasants etc.


Jack Russells on screen

The Jack Russell's endearing facial expressions, feisty personality, and cuteness make it a natural choice for television and the cinema. Some famous Jack Russells include Wishbone, the title character of a popular children's television series in the United States, Milo from the hit movie The Mask played by Max, Rimshot from the comical Ernest P. Worrell movies and Bijoux the policeman-hating dog from Hooperman. There was even a Jack Russell in the movie Crimson Tide, and in the movie the character played by Gene Hackman introduced the dog breed as one of the smartest in the world. Moreover, there is also a Jack Russell called Flike in the well-known Italian neorealist film Umberto D., who is depicted in the film as the main character Umberto D.'s only friend.

Some Jack Russell Terriers have near-superstar status, including Eddie, the clever, irrepressible dog belonging to character Martin Crane on the sitcom Frasier. Eddie was played by a dog called Moose, but later in the series, Moose also had a stunt double; his son Enzo stepped in for the more physically demanding tricks to spare his aging sire. Moose and Enzo also appeared in the movie My Dog Skip. Also prominent is Soccer, the dog star who portrayed Wishbone, a veteran performer with many television commercials to his credit. He reportedly hated swimming and had two stunt doubles and a body double.

Superman's dog, Krypto, in the older DC Comics's Superman comic books, may have been a Jack Russell Terrier. The dog which accompanies Rick Stein on his ventures is a Jack Russell Terrier, named "Chalky".

Jack Russell is also the name of the protagonist of Radiata Stories.


  • Burns, Patrick. American Working Terriers, 2005. ISBN 141166082X

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Picture of Ted sent in by Karol - Thanks

Jack Russell Terrier Dog
Hi my name is Karol.  My family have had JRTs since I was five years old (40 years!)  My latest is Ted a tricolour scruff, who is strong-willed and intelligent, but is extremely devoted to me already (hes only 11 weeks).  Hes my third JRT belonging to me alone my other two were Paddy and Scampers.  Scampers we only lost in March this year at the age of 5 to a disease that normally develops in Dachshunds.

Picture of Cutie sent in by Arwel - Thanks

Jack Russell Terrier Dog

Cutie, my dog Cutie being weighed at 8 weeks old. 

Photo of Fly sent in by Kimberly - Thanks

Jack Russell Terrier Dog
Hi, My name is Kimberly and this is my dog Fly she is 2 yrs and believed to be a jack Russell x border collie. She is very playful and loves cuddles she is like another child.

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if one can return after death i shall return as a jrt
i love jack russells, we have bentley who is crossed with a corgi,we also have a boxer  called tilly and a chihuahua called bruiser!!!!!
my jack"s name is Puffi, he is by far the smartest dog on earth, i love him to death. Is an unbelieveble thing how smart is. DaVID NYC
I love this breed.  They are truly the best breed I've had.  smart and loyal.  and to the person with the black and tan dog.. They are cousins to the JRT.  Black and tans and called Hunt terriers.
 I have an 8 week old jr female she's great I love her 2 bits I
i have 2 jack russells they are amazing i think they are the best dogs ever!

i have dog and its breed is a Jack Russell i take him out on the farm and test how fast he can run, he goes 45kph. His name is Russ and my name is Bede, 9.

We've just bought a little girlie JRT, and in answer to the brown and tan post- she's crossed with a norfolk terrier - she's the same colour, looks like a chocolate doberman in colour :) she's the prettiest thing you ever saw x

Photo of Rosie sent in by Teri

Many Thanks

Rosie the Jack Russell Terrier Dog
Hi, This is Rosie she is 8 weeks old in this photo.  She loves to run and play.  She is a very big part of our family. - Teri
i have two rescued dogs, oneis a border terrier x irish terrier and is so laid back you d think he was asleep and i have a JRT who is 7 and is sooo lovely and she loves the family and friends but makes you aware of strangers.  Gill
i have a jack russell and she is such a rascal
just waiting to pick up our baby boy jrt. he's called jack daniels ( jd to us) and we get him in 3wks!!
i have a 5 year old jack russell named milo. i named him after milo who featured on The Mask with jim carey.
i have a jack russel and 17 other dogs at home. i am going to get it a treat now because it done a back flip 2 mins ago!
i have a great jrt named midge. loyal, intelligent, obedient and great at home
i love jack russels thy r so sweet

Photo of Lilly sent in by Stephanie

Many Thanks

Lilly the Yorkshire Terrier/JRT Smiling

This is my Dog Lilly. Her mum is a yorkshire terrier and her dad is a JRT. She has a friendly and cheeky nature. She barks at people because she has learnt that if she barks she will get fussed. I tell people not to fuss her when she barks but no one can resist her cute little face.

Lilly the Yorkshire Terrier/JRT Resting

I have just got two female jrt and there the most cutest dogs i have ever had. They have both got tons of love to give and have definitely made my family complete. I have little lou lou and bessy bess, bessy bess is at my side constantly she sits on my feet when i wash the pots or cook the tea. Were as little lou lou is very independent and she will fit you in for a cuddle when she has made sure she has tired Bailey out, our black n white male cat, he has definitely found a play mate.
i have a jrt and he is sooo naughty but so very comical. he always puts a smile on my face when i'm feeling down. we have such a strong bond and he's so very protective. they are 1 of the best dogs!!!!!!!!!!!
I have a parsons Jack Russel and a Golden Retriever. They are the best.
(This Was Written On 9/2/08) I Have A JRT!! Its Called Tess And She Is A Bitch And She Is Very Playful And Loves To Play With Kids  And She Is 7 Weeks Old. She is Very Cute, It Has A Black, White And Tanned Body. She is Very Curious And Loves To Explore Outside. She Is Very Relaxed And Loves To Be Cuddle And Held Tight. We Are So Glad We Got A JRT Puppy.  She Likes Good Beef And Bacon. She Loves To Be Hand Fed. And Loves To Get All The Attention. When She Is In Her Cage She Likes To Be Left Alone. She Is Outgoing And Loves To Be Outside. We Took The Puppy From 7 Other Puppies From A Lovely Mum. She's Quite Small And Has A Really Cute Face. She Has A Spot That Looks Like A Love Heart And When She Curls Up You Will See The Puppies Love Heart More. She Plays With All Different Kinds Of Toys And At The Moment She Doesn't Really Like Squeaky Toys. We All Love Her Very Much..! ---- Bobbiee !
we have a jrt bitch, and she is every sense of one! she's so protective over the kids an myself, but does everything her daddy say's, another daddy's girl! And now we've just rescued a baby boy jrt, an he's an angel, love them both to bits!!!!!!!
this is a great site, and accurate. keep it up!
I have a jrt, here name is Peppa, as you can guess my little girl named her after her favorite cartoon 'PeppaPig', lol. Peppa was born in April 2007, the month my brother, Jamie died. She is so full of energy she takes my mind off the grief. I am so very glad i bought her, she is the best thing I have ever spent money on. I would recommend anyone to buy one as they are so loving and fun to have.
I'd recommend a Rottweiler crossed with a jrt. i have this dog and he is so unbelievably, cute, smart and lovable. He's smarter than most dogs, and he didn't need as much training as other dogs. All my friends and family always come round and fall in love with him. I hardly ever take him on walks either but a 10-20 minute run in the garden seems to do it. he loves the other animals i have in my home and is protective towards them. i love my rocky so much and i wudnt change a thing about him.
I am making a dog carry bag to carry a short legged jack Russell around in but i cant find the average measurements anywhere - I need the female measurements please
My cousin wants Jack Russell.. But her mum and dad not want.. :( My cousin likes very much dogs, but she haven't got any dog.)
Well i have a Golden Labrador and its much better than a jack Russel! =)
My JRT is called Dave and he is loop the loop!!!  My first dog that i badgered my husband into buying.  He is as white as sliced bread and is bar far better than the bread.  He is a devoted Liverpool FC fan or so my husband likes to think.  Love him!

the   dogs  in  the  pictures  is  so  pretty. I  like  the  first  one.

my jack russell is gorgeous, loving and at times a complete terror, he barks and escapes, but I love him and wouldn't want to lose him, he was a rescue dog and aggressively played with, we had our work cut out. Then I became ill and after much disruption became his only owner, I can't walk him often, I find it hard to be consistent so he is quite badly behaved at times but sooo loveable!

i have a jack russell crossed she is very lovely we love her to bits wudnt change it for any thing, she is the colours of a rockie lol shes cool top grl

I bought a jack russell from a breeder, but a lot of people keep telling me that he is not a thoroughbred because he is tan and chocolate brown without any white. He certainly looks like a jack, but I would like some thoughts and feedback about this from breeders if possible.


my jack russell Tess is most definitely a little person in a furry coat, she's adorable and everyone that meets her falls in love with her. I'm so glad she's mine :-)


 i love dogs

i think jack russells are the best EVER!!!!


without doubt the best dog in the world, well I would say that wouldn't I being a jack russel owner !! - roelf



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