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Basenji dog out of Africa

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Basenji Dog

The Basenji dog comes out of the Congo region of Africa. They are considered a sight hound that hunts in the dense undergrowth of the forest jungle.

One of the
Basenji dog characteristics is that they yodel or howl rather than bark.

The basenji are a very athletic dog and can turn out amazingly powerful for such a small dog.

Dogs looking like today's Basenjis are seen on depictions in the tombs of Egyptian pharaohs and are considered one of the oldest domesticated dogs.

This dog is for more experienced dog owner, they require special understanding and definitely do not like being told off or have negative reinforcement thrown at them as they are likely to bite if this is done.

Once their very strong individuality is understood they can become very loyal and faithful dogs, particulary to one master, containing in them lots of energy and play.

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