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Cairn Terrier - Scottish Ratter

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Cairn Terrier DogPhotoSource

The Cairn Terrier is an ancient breed of dog from Scotland which was bred to be used in hunting in Cairns, which are man made structures of stones, found throughout the country. Cairn Terriers were bred as ratters, basically to seek out and kill rats and mice.

Cairn Terriers were born to be tough little dogs, full of spirit and adventure with a good deal of intelligence and a penchant for digging holes. They are not the ideal lapdog who like to sit quietly requiring lots of exercise because of their high energy levels.

Because Cairn Terriers where bred to hunt, their hunting instinct is very strong and they need a training from an experienced master to get the best out of them. Once the owner understands this they then will have a friendly and loyal dog.

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